NWRBC Travels Pt. 3 (The Press Party)

So yesterday finished out very well. Competitors were awesome… and then the fun began! I dropped by the Albina Press just a bit after 8 and there still weren’t too many people there… in fact, there were about just as many grinders as there were people. Coffee was everywhere… so much that it was harder to find alcohol compared to coffee…

Coffees present included… and this is just the two hours I was there… Nick Cho’s Competition Blend, Black Cat, Hairbender, Ecco!, Paradise Classico, The New Mutiny Roaster’s Dark Horse Blend, Bumper Crop, Vivace, Altera, and many more I don’t even remember…. It was rediculous…

As you can see, shortly after I got there Phuong arrived and jumped on bar. She and Billy rocked it for a bit. Then Philip Search found his way in there as well. The three rocked the bar for a bit busting out shots… Then I grabbed the Paradise Classico to throw in a grinder and show to people. Next thing I knew I was living the dream, rockin the bar, pulling shots for some of my coffee heroes…

Unfortunately, I had to leave the party early to head to a friends house and catch up with him… but the highlight of my night was definitly being at the party. I also was up way too late… I had to sleep in, so unfortunately I missed the heavy-hitters of the day. Sorry Kyle, Phillip, and Jon… Some how I think I may be seeing each of you tomorrow still…. The last competitor is running through his gig right now, and then soon we’ll be announcing the finalists…


4 thoughts on “NWRBC Travels Pt. 3 (The Press Party)

  1. Ryan, thanks for the posting. Looked like a great coffee party, lots of rockstars and best of luck in the comp guys and gals.

  2. wish i coulda been there.

    i’m sure if i would have told Phuong that i wanted to go and help out, she would have been cool with it. but alas. 🙂 i’ve jumped on this little wagon a little later than the rest of you 🙂 this is a new world for me….it’s all so very exciting!

    p.s….i just met this guy on friday who works at a small cafe in downtown vancouver…and he was competing. i don’t remember his name. i was wondering how he did. but i don’t remember his name. oh well.

  3. That’s Philip. He’s awesome… and a genius. He did okay. Had some time troubles… He’s one of those guys who continually inspires me…

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