NWRBC Travels Pt. 4

I don’t know how I let it slip my mind last night to update this thing, but here I am now. For the most part, I’m sure you all know who’s in the finals… In case you don’t, let me fill you in…

1. Kevin Fuller- Albina Press
2. Jon Lewis- Bumper Crop Coffee
3. Kyle Larson-Stumptown Coffee Roasters
4. Billy Wilson- Albina Press
5. Maki Campbell- Zoka
6. Lindsay Elliot- Zoka

It’s been an awesome competition with much happening. There are a few people beyond the finalist I feel need mentioning… Kyle from Zoka did an excellent job. He really rocked it steady. Also, Ryan Dixon did a great job and though he made some slightly larger mistakes, he really did well at keeping his cool and really remaining focused.

Last nights party was an great time too. Thanks again Duane for all the great food, beer, and music! Highlights for me here were talking to Klaus and really getting to ask him a lot of questions about coffee. I’ve been wondering a few things lately and he set me straight on some issues. Watching Duane occassionally bust out a dance or two was awesome… Many of my favorite coffee people were there just chilling. It was good to see Ryan Wolf from Crema, Rhiannon, Grady, and of course the Ritual kids. By the way, I have to tell you, Liz from Stumpies is doing an amazing job at just dominating this weekend. She’s been most of the organizational mind behind the competition and she’s a large part of what has made this weekend such a success…

Well, off I go to the finals….


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