Education Necessary?

This past weekend has been a huge success, but now it’s reminding me of why I moved back to Minnesota… I have so much down time right now that I don’t even know what to do with myself. Monday was spent lounging around the house and just killing time… To some this may seem luxurious, but to me and where I am in life, it felt like a big waste of time. Seriously, the homework and school junk I left behind is going to catch up with me when I get back and for what? To sit around all day…

Which brings me to a long time delema that has been raising new questions in my mind… Why am I in school? And by “why am I in school?” I mean, “Why am I not just pursuing coffee with all my heart?” Every time one of these trade shows or events comes up I find myself questioning why I am in school, dumping much money into an education I care about, mmm… sometimes. Logic tells me this, I’m young (21), I’ve got time (both to finish school and to develop a coffee career), and it would be difficult to raise and support a family on just a cafe income…

I’ve got a sweet situation with a cafe I truly believe in. Kopplin’s, in short, is my dream cafe, just in a way where I don’t see the main profits… which is fine. I just find that the majority of me wants to be there more. There also is that side of me that is partially looking to just find a way out of school. I’m not that great at it and I have never really wanted to be. It stresses me out in a way I don’t appreciate. I mean, coffee, customers, business all stresses me out, but I see the profit and reap many of the benefits from the stress… schooling just sort of pisses me off.

I guess we’ll see where my priorities lie in about 6 months or so… This years USBC runs May 3-7. My finals week is the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday before that. I could be screwed…


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