So, if that wasn’t enough…

I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but somehow my life in coffee keeps getting better. We’ve got the Roburs… and a Synesso, which isn’t bad when you start playing with group temps… The steaming still leaves a lot to be desired… but who knows, maybe soon I’ll find a way to manipulate the steam wands… Our espresso is tasting incredible…

As I’ve mentioned before, all our coffee is made “by the cup.” Currently, we malitta all our standard coffees… We also offer the option of french press, but most people choose the malitta. Well, many of you have seen this new machine that’s just hitting the market. That is the Clover. It’s a sweet automatic, temperature stable machine that allows you to brew one cup of coffee at a time. The key is you can adjust the temperature very easily for each cup. You can also set it to brew anywhere from 8-16 ounces. The idea is it creates the perfect cup of coffee… one cup at a time. It’s incredible. Coming from Portland it’s nothing too new for me. Stumptown’s had a Clover in their Annex shop for almost a year. It does produce excellent coffee…

Anyway, yesterday we put in the order for two. That’s right folks… not just one clover… No, we are buying two for Kopplin’s. This wasn’t even my call. I didn’t even fight for this… I don’t disagree… but it wasn’t my ambition to purchase two so quickly… It’s all been Andrew and his dreams. I am very lucky to have such a passionate boss who is this into delivering the highest quality coffee… I’ve heard the machines should arrive sometime in mid December… We are going to have to figure some electrical things out, but once we get that taken care of we will be rocking THE BEST coffee in the cities… and even the greatest of coffee geeks won’t be able to deny it… Assuming we aren’t retarded with it.

This leaves one last step to take… a new space… more to come in the future…


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