The Legend of the MAW…

I just witnessed a new move. This is one I haven’t seen in awhile, but it’s out there… The one enemy I find in this industry… well, one of a few, is the “MAW.” Otherwise known as a middle aged woman. You’ve seen them… Some of them can be incredibly cool… others are what drives this congromerate society we live in.

I just witnessed a “MAW Lunge.” This is where the creature jumps at something with a complete and total lack of patience, as if the world cannot stop to breathe, even if for a few seconds. This encounter started with the MAW running into the cafe, and before I could utter the words, “Good morning” she was blurting out her order as though it hurt, “Large, skinny, vanilla latte, with whip!” So, I cut the comradery short to make the latte… trying to meet her demands on time… I finished the drink and before I had a chance to set the whip cream canister down I became a victim to the lunge. You’ve seen it before… I made my move to set the drink down on the bar, declaring what it was… and before the drink was a few feet away from the counter, she made her move… damn near leaping over the bar in effort to grab the drink! Milliseconds had already been lost in my motion to set the drink down… life was wasting away for her right before her eyes… So, she felt the need to take aciton! Nearling taking my life in the process of recieving the drink. As she made contact with the latte, I could feel the determined creature begin to pull the drink away before I could begin to release my grasp on my finished work… Before I could even utter the words, “Have a good day!” it was though the MAW had disappeared faster than it had appeared.

I escaped with my life. For that I am greatful… but I walk with caution. You never know when another of these attacks may occure…


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