Well, again, here I am sitting at the gate at PDX… It’s been a great visit to Portland and the sourounding areas. It makes me miss home, but whatever… there is work to be done back at the shop!

I am bringing back new knowledge of the Synesso and it’s history, as well as, new gaskets, new screens, and some tips on how to rock the thing! The plan is to play with our water level in the steam boiler… Which should apparently make our steaming more rock-steady. Oh, and the screens I have are special… Thanks Philip!

I am also bringing back more excitement and news of the coffee industry. Stumptown is growing so much… more than you’ll know for awhile! If you’re in the Portland area… cup the damn Kenyans! They are there on the weekends at the Annex for all to enjoy! Philip Search of Paradise Cafe… and the new Mutiny! Roasters gave me some new ideas for roasting. He’s got some great ideas for grinders and improvements… It seems everyone in Portland is pushing for something new and bigger and everyone has a secret project. Kevin and Billy are working on the new store, Stumptown is opening in the Ace soon! So much goodness, it’s hard not to be excited!

I am also bringing back over twelve pounds of coffee. Stumptown sends their hairbender with love… Also a couple sample bags of a couple of the Kenyan’s, and a little bag of something amazing (from Panama). If that’s not enough to make you wanna come visit Kopplin’s, then let me add, I also have a bag of Mutiny’s Dark Horse Blend. In the past, I have enjoyed this blend in milk, but it was still just another coffee to me… but with the rotation of an Indonesian, this coffee is blowing me away… I also have a small bag of their Ethiopia Idido Natural… A coffee (minus defects) that we share at Paradise Roasters… but with Philip’s take on the roast profile!

I get back late tonight and open the shop tomorrow… It’s going to be a fun shift! I also just shipped a box of beer out from my parents house… I will be happily enjoying Widmer’s Drop Top, Fat Tire, and Deschutte’s Brewery Obsidian Stout in the comfort of my 1906, Minneapolis, palace! La vita e’ bella!


One thought on “PDX~MSP

  1. Great to see you when you were in town. Any chance you can make the coffee dinner we’re doing in February?

    have fun,

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