MWRBC Travel Day

Well, it’s 9:49 central time. I’m waiting for Aaron Meza to get to my house… All the equipment is in my car, we just have to stop by the shop to pick up milk. Yes, kids, today we heading to Kansas City… Talk about cities I could have avoided my whole life… Apparently the drive is about as exciting as South Dakota… I can only imagine. Anyway, we’re heading to the Midwest Barista Competition. This will be my second competition ever and I am pretty excited. It’ll be the true test of my skills when I don’t have people like Phuong and Brent looking over my shoulder… I’m hoping to come close to my score from the USBC last year, but it’s a regional and scoring seems to drop a lot at this level.

I’m pretty excited just for the experience though. Scott Lucey and the Altera kids are competing out of region! This is sweet just cause this will be the first time any of them actually compete in a full out competition beyond latte art. Beyond them, I really didn’t recognize too many names… but a few are heavy hitters… Like, Pete Lucata. Amanda Butler is competing, as is, David Herman from the Roasterie. I believe total there are 16 competitors. This is a huge improvement over last years nine…

Well, we’ve got some final packing to do and then we’re off for 7 hours of fun! Sorta…


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