Leaving school, I knew I was taking on a challenge…

Leaving school, I knew I was taking on a challenge… but what’s already happened in the 37 days of 2007 I’ve experienced is just kinda getting ridiculous. From car problems, to sickness, and everywhere in between, it just sorta leaves me wondering what’s next? Ah, so pessimistic… hold up.


Let me tell you about some of the rad things going on. For starters, sometime this week we are getting the GB5 in at the Roastery. I’m feeling kinda giddy inside on this one. There’s something exciting to me about coming home to La Marzocco. Speaking of Paradise, I love roasting coffee. I never really thought it would be my thing, but I really enjoy it. I call it my coffee “desk job.” I have a workspace and it is filled with my tools, and when I arrive I grab my morning cup of something delicious off the Clover… yes, you hear all about Kopplin’s Clovers from me, but Paradise has one as well… I’m surrounded in the best way possible… When I need to work out, we simply get a new shipment of beans, and there I go lifting 100 lbs. bags. When I am not roasting I walk myself into Kopplin’s and I grab a double espresso or try a new blend… that I roasted. I see customers take the first sip of every coffee and I stare with anticipation of how they will react to the flavors of the roast. It’s changed my perspective completely.

Oh, and something else rad is going on. I just started brewing beer again. Yeah! Well, battery is about to go. I’ll wrap this up. Later…


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