More News…

Well, after a bit of a battle, it sounds like our GB5 is running ever-so-smoothly at the Paradise Roastery. I’m excited. To actually have great tasting espresso at anytime at either job will be great. The problem we’ve had to deal with was in one of the copper compression lines related to the hot water jet on the front. But, now that’s in the past. As a result of the new machine, we’ll be offering our first espresso training classes on March 3. So, call the roastery (763-433-0626) for more details on how you can join in the fun and play with the new GB5…

If you haven’t seen this then you’re sure missing out. My good friend, Scott Lucey, is bearing it all in this issue of Barista Magazine. Scott’s a rad due, and the article proves there are things happening here in the midwest.

We’ve been rocking the Espresso Havana at Kopplin’s lately… well, I haven’t, but our other baristas have (Story to come someday). Here’s the shot I just had…
While this blog seems to be giving props to cool people in the world… I’ve got to give it up for my girl, Lizz Hudson, and the man- Mr. Duane Sorenson at Stumptown… This past week was the opening of their 4th cafe… on Valentines day. The shop, on the main level of the Ace Hotel, is amazing. 4 Clovers… putting us to shame. Power to the industry!

Well, finally, for now, I leave you with this… Here’s a shot of our coffee menu as is right now. Notice the note about the Tolima Perez. Life isn’t bad here in the ‘Sota! Oh, and this Thursday we take off for Chicago! We’ll be staying at Hotel 71 and I am excited to see everyone!


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