Congratulations Mike Phillips.

The post is named as it should be. By now, most of you have probably heard who the finalists are in the GLRBC… Anyway, I think its awesome when someone who really cares about coffee… genuinely… is successful. Mike is one of those people. Before he moved to Chicago to work for them, he was a home roaster and barista. He’s been passionate since before he was a professional. AND!!! He’s a really nice guy. I have met many competitors and the compassionate ones are the ones I respect. People like Scott Lucey, Chris Baca, Chris Deferio, and, of course, Jon Lewis. Anyway, congrats to all the finalists, but especially to you Mr. Phillips.

Today has been awesome. Good friends, good times, good coffee. We had a blast at the Millrock show! We’re lighting it up tomorrow too! My condolences go to my man, J. Tiesel! I wish he had made it to the finals. He’s the man. Bottom line. Tomorrow, latte art. His time to shine! I’m going to go party with the Tellie’s!


One thought on “Congratulations Mike Phillips.

  1. Your to kind ryan, even simply putting my name in the same paragraph as those other folks most likely breaks several rules of conventional logic. However, as my grandmother always told me to do, I’ll just take the compliment and say thank you. I share the mad respect for Mr. Tiesel and am sure that no one has seen the last of his skills by a long shot. It was a pleasure havin’ yall in town, good people of your likes are always welcome in the windy and should stop by more often. safe travels home.

    Mr. P

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