Back To Life As Usual

This week we had a very curious man drop by the shop. His name was Chris Nichols. Chris works for Espresso Midwest. He was in Chicago last weekend working the show floor and researching stuff. There he heard about the Clover for the first time. So, he came stumbling in to check our out. I’ve never seen anyone’s jaw drop so hardcore like his did when he saw we have two. It was magical. He was wowed by everything we have. This is where is became so apparent to me how many cafes open in the midwest that based on numbers and so few based on quality and serious research as to what really can rock an espresso well. It kinda saddens me…

He came back a couple days later and brought a friend. His friend was from Italy and is a Nuovo Simonelli rep. They’d be taking their new grinder around to different cafes and coffee companies and letting them play with it. So, of course, we threw the thing on our back bar and went to town. Good times. The thing is impressively fast. It ground 21 grams in 3 seconds. Nice. It’s digitally controlled and has no doser. Nice. It also had a built in tamper that could be set to 20 and 50 lbs. Whatever. It’s not my style, but I’d been wanting to play with such a grinder for curiosities sake. Thanks guys.

We’re now cupping all the coffees we have in house every Friday at noon. So far, we’ve had a nice turnout. Andrew’s cupping setup is way cooler than when we started. I like it. I feel like cupping is something to be done with a certain level of reverence and respect. I feel it’s slightly ceremonial and has a right and a wrong way to be done. Those “cupping on the fly” kinda experiences are never my cup of tea… So, I am glad we’ve got all the bells and whistles and what it really takes to cup “properly.”

Yesterday was probably the busiest day I have worked at the cafe. It left me tired in the end, but I felt so much more productive than the average day at the shop. At one point all I had on top of my machine was a few espresso demis and macchiatto cups. Every cappuccino cup was in use and the latte cups were all occupied as well. Wonderful. Well, that’s all for now. Bien.


2 thoughts on “Back To Life As Usual

  1. Hey. I think we’re getting a Clover for our lab. Saaaaweet!
    You know… you’re welcome to come here and cup anytime with us as well. I’m not sure when you work, but we cup nearly every day at around 11:30. Just call me at the office or something if you’re thinking you can make it and I”ll confirm if we’re cupping that day. 651.209.6102 x102.

  2. Nice to see you hard at work Ryan, I hope you’re enjoying the cupping’s out there as much as I am here in Denver. I still haven’t found work here yet, not a lot of places that are quality focused, and nobody around here returns phone calls. Hope you’re having a good time!

    -Ryan Palmer

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