Welcomes & Other News…

For those of you who haven’t heard, Nick Griffith is officially on board for Intelligentsia Los Angeles. I’m really stoked to work with a barista of such skill and passion. Till fill you all in… Nick has been roasting now for awhile and it sounds like he’s pretty stoked to get back behind bar and pull shots again. It’s a feeling I can completely understand…

In other new, yesterday, Friday, May 25, brought us the 4th (I believe) Intelli LA Friday Latte Art Smackdown! That’s right… every Friday brings us another chance to put the money and skillz where the mouth is… The game goes like this, anyone who is capable has to throw in… Every person puts a dollar down and pours. You get one shot, no practice. It’s the same thing we did at our party during SCAA, but with a smaller pot. Then, here in LA, we take 2 finalists and give them one more shot and the winner is decided on the pours there… Kyle Glanville is still the reining 4 time champ… but that will change soon… I’m coming for ya biatch!


2 thoughts on “Welcomes & Other News…

  1. It looks like you guys are making L.A. a coffee destination…Keep up with all the good work, and have fun!

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