Another Weekend in Portland

Well, I’m typing this on the plane as I am reflecting on a pretty rock-solid weekend in good ol’ Portland. It’s been an eventful past few days and looking back I think some of the experiences will be sticking with me awhile. Then again, I guess that’s the mentality I should have being that I just watched my little brother graduate a few days ago.

It was the people who were in town with me that made this trip unique. Katie Carguilo was in Portland with a ‘series’ of Murky baristas. It seemed like everyday that we hung out, she had to had to either drop someone off at the airport or pick someone up.

We rolled all over town and check out the usual spots like the Albina Press, Crema, Stumptown’s Ace, and Lava Java. We also hit a newer spot that I feel needs to get more credit. The dudes at Coffee House Northwest are awesome! The shop can be found at 20th and Burnside and is an experience. The place seems to be run by total coffee geeks. These guys know there stuff and have no problem digging deeper to learn more. The barista’s there will pull you shots till your stomach lining is begging for mercy. Here’s the catch… There’s not a sign of snobbery. That’s right kids… they are excellent in the customer service realm and extra friendly… It’s awesome. Much love to those guys. (The picture is something they have framed next to their machine… kinda cool.)

Cupped a few coffees this weekend too. We’ve been up to mad cupping action in LA, so it was cool to take my slightly more exercised skills and put them to the test. I went both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday the Guatemala Finca El Injerto was pretty bangin’… Sunday, it was a whole new ball game in the best way. The roast date was the same both days and on Sunday this coffee peaked so beautifully… It was so sweet with hints of jasmine, orange blossom, and deep dark chocolate. I’m totally stoked to rock the Arturo mug I bought as well.

Another coffee that Stumptown is rocking is their Panama Don Pache lot. This coffee is so sweet and full of life. It hits your pallet with bright ginger like sweetness. Balances out to sweet pear-like nectar. The Kenya that was on the table was also rad. It had this odd passion fruit note in the middle, but never crossed into negative territory. Beautiful.

Last night was the perfect cap to put on a great weekend. The UK kids finally landed in Portland last night. Stephen Morrissey, James Hoffman, & Annette all arrived and the beers were flowing. It was great to finally meet two of the great minds of this industry. Their trip is not over and we will be seeing them in LA soon. I’m stoked to cup with Annette… I mean, really, the World Tasting Champion.

Well, this flying out at 6 in the morning is ridiculous. I’m dead tired, so time to put the laptop away and crash. That is all for now…


2 thoughts on “Another Weekend in Portland

  1. Coffee House Northwest (or C-Ho) is gonna blow up. You described the experience pretty accurately. Great coffee, a thirst for progression and absolutely no elitism or snobbery. Those cats rock.

  2. We were stoked that you guys came into the Coffeehouse. It was great to meet you all and chat for a little bit. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated!

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