Sunset Junction Parking Lot Art Show

Saturday night brought us another unique opportunity to build relationships with the people of Silverlake. For those who haven’t heard, the Silverlake store will be in the middle of a complex of shops called Sunset Junction… just on the corner of Sunset and Sanborne. Parking for the shop will be in the parking lot located behind the building… But for one night a year, the parking lot is filled with moving trucks and artists showcase their work on the walls of the truck. This year, our land lord, Garreth, and his wife asked us to bring some gear and rock some ‘spro. So, we packed the GS3 in the back of my car and setup a couple tables.

Peop this for a taste of the happenings…


2 thoughts on “Sunset Junction Parking Lot Art Show

  1. Gabe, that would be awesome. Sometimes it’s just good to get your ass kicked a few times…

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