Everything looks a bit better…

As you can see, I’m still trying to find the perfect setup for the blog. I’m fairly happy with this one, but who knows… If anyone has any ideas out there as to how I can make this blog both awesome looking and legible in the best ways possible, your advice would be appreciated.

This last week or so, Jenny, Stephen’s girlfriend, has been here hanging out with us. So, over the weekend, we spent some time chillin on the beach, shopping, walking around Silverlake, eating gelatto,  and simply relaxing. It’s be lovely to say the least.

The coffee bar is looking amazing. One thing is for certain now… we will be open for the Sunset Junction Street Festival. Which mean, quickly after opening, we’ll be dealing with crowds like most owners only dream about… and I mean that in the most literal way possible.

Much thanks and appreciation needs to go out to this guy! To understand Jim Karr you have to take part Thomas Edison and mix it with part Merlin and you get the kind of tech-genius that he is. Jim and Nick Barnett have been in the store for almost a week now installing the mighty Cirqua system that will make our espresso so tasty! Much appreciation dudes!

Well, readers… I leave you with this… Which just happened Saturday, care of Too-Sweet… that man who also painted the wall outside the roasting works….

The Coffee Bar


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