The Silverlake Store Cometh.

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Well, it’s here… Finally. We open next week. I’d tell you what day, but we have one more inspection to get by. Let’s say Wednesday, August 15… and I’ll let you know if that changes… cool? Ok.

So, for those of you who can make it! We request your presence at our party. August 17th, 7PM will bring us a night of great music (DJ NightDogg spinning all night long), Ron Zacappa (23 anos, not 15), some great kegged beer, and some fine wine (most likely provided by the always rocking Silverlake Wine). And of course, the finest coffee in Los Angeles.

The Blackcat in all it’s merlot-esque, deep chocolate, sweet caramel, and mild tobacco goodness has been banging today. Descriptors all across our bar staff board ranged from different chocolates to orange blossom and black berry. The espresso alone has been so wine-like and full of body. We all tasted some 5 oz. caps and it was equally banging in milk. When we open the bar will be fully equipped with our 3 group Synesso and our 3-phase Roburs… with timers. It’s a dream.

Upon opening, the bar will be filled with some of the finest Direct Trade coffee Intelligentsia has purchased yet. Each year, these projects continue to develop and improve and this year they’re all rocking all across the board. My personal favorite right now is our Tres Santos micro-lot (meaning it has consistently cupped a 92+) El Mirador. This coffee is so sweet and full of orange blossom. It’s nice and syrupy sweet and lingers sweetly on the palate for days.

Anyway people! We are opening soon and there is no soft opening. This is an all-hands-on-deck, full out, kick off! So, please, stop by and let us make you something delicious!


3 thoughts on “The Silverlake Store Cometh.

  1. Wishing so much that I could be there for that party! Take some pics mate! You never upload anymore!!!!

    How is the La Tortuga going down?

  2. You goof! I’ll admit I’ve been stagnant on the photo taking ever since the LCD on my camera went out… I’ll try to get something fresh soon… Nick took a batch of photos today!

    I haven’t cupped Tortuga in awhile… However, the Inmortales is awesome right now. Elegant and sweet. Los Delirios is out and rockin’ too. Oh, and when we open, we’ll have La Perla de Oaxaca…

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