Intelligentsia Silverlake Day -03

Well, today marks the first day the crew was able to operate behind our actual cafe bar. No, we’re not open… Cross your fingers for Wednesday (15th). It was nice though to get a feel for the real experience. It was enlightening to say the least.

However, I will lay my pride on the line and say we got our asses kicked… You may be asking yourself how, when we weren’t open… But keep in mind this whole time we’ve been harassing each other the worst we possibly can to prepare one another for anything. I mean, last week, Mr. Marcus Boni, after he’d been working in our office space for hours, came running into the room shouting about how he had just spilled his drink and everyone needed to be careful… No one knew if he was serious or not. It was so random. We just kinda stared trying to figure out whether we were supposed to go mop something up or not.

In that respect, today was no different. With questions of whether our coffee was shade grown or not flying everywhere, we busted out some seriously quality beverages and tried to keep our heads above water. The problem today was that all 12 of us we as acclimated to our space as if we were new employees. We were battling the constant search to find something else to finish a drink. It was some sight I’m sure.

We broke into two groups and I have tomorrow off. Ms. Deanna Mustard and I will be in the training lab in the afternoon to refine cappuccinos while the other group is at the coffee bar. I meant to take pictures today, but my battery was dead on my camera… Sorry, Thud. The place is magnificent, as the world will soon see!  That’s all for now.


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