Next Fest

Well, I’m sure you all have seen the pictures by now… I definitely learned a couple things about latte art from the experience. My machiattos and such have been much better looking since the project. By the way, Devin has finally recovered and is back to drinking coffee again.

Yesterday, Mr. Tonx and I spent some time at Wired Magazine’s Next Fest. It was very interesting. I would say my favorite parts were actually in the hall on the way in. There was this big laser thing that if you broke the link between the lazer and the sensor, a sound would ring… It was setup to be like a giant laser harp. Which, was really cool, until kids started running continually from one end to the other.

There was also this sweet fog machine that showed your reflection when you got close.

The highlight was definitely Google’s new Google Sky. Which, basically gives you several generations of celestial maps and pictures to explore. It’s beautiful and the options made available to you are extremely impressive.

You might have heard some people talking about robots replacing baristas… Which, may be possible… but it won’t be with any of the robots they had at Next Fest. In fact, they were kind of disappointing. It may be able to shake your hand, walk freely, or whatever, but it was kind of a sad awakening. The particular robot Tony and I watched was cool… but cheesy. Like, 80’s movie cheesy…

All in all, Next Fest was interesting, however, I think that I’d prefer to see a show involving what we’ll see in the next 5 years… Better phones, TV’s, cars, etc. compared to 20+ years.

The rest of the day was wrapped up in a trip to Choke. LA’s other worth while coffee bar… and motorbike shop. If you’re in town and you stop by Intelli, you should probably stop by choke. It’s really just down the street.


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