An Informal Introduction to Intelli.LA Regulars

Well, the bar is beautiful as ever. What’s even better than the bar itself are the customers. We have such an eclectic group of regulars. They range from Gerald, an awesome dude who used to work in the fashion industry in Chicago. Apparently, he was once a regular at the Broadway store. Gerald is probably the most encouraging customer I have ever served. He’s always quick to remind us of how much he appreciates what we’re contributing to the neighborhood.

Another favorite of mine, is a man I refer to as “Gibralter Man,” ‘Gibbie’ used to live in St. Paul and knows exactly what I’m talking about when I tell him where Kopplin’s is. He knows what a real Juicy Lucy is and that makes him cool. Plus, he drinks one of the best drinks on the West Coast.

Of course, we’re in LA, so we see a couple actors here and there. Some are even regulars. I don’t watch Heroes, but one of the dudes from there rolls in everyday. Also, a woman from the show House comes in regularly. Both are extremely nice people with no ego. Oh, and the other day, one of my favorite Grey’s Anatomy actresses came in. I wasn’t present at the time, which is probably for the better…

Jeff is someone who I would refer to as a die hard, more than a regular. It was his brother who introduced him to Intelligentsia. Some years ago, his brother passed away from cancer. Since then, Jeff has been dropping by to remember his brother. Jeff stopped by everyday the first couple weeks we were open, and everyday he had a different Intelligentsia T-shirt on. It’s always a pleasure to see him.

There are so many other names and faces that come to mind now. There’s the awkward, hot blond, who always gets an iced angelino. The manager of the neighboring restaurant who loves machiatto’s. Oh, and Josh… who manages bands. Josh is the key to some of the best local music. One of his bands, the Deadly Syndrome, just released an album you should check out.

Well, it’s the weekend and I’ll be closing tonight. Oh, before I run off, major congratulations to our store manager, Colin Mahoney and his new wife, Mary. Awesome people. They just got hitched last night! Oh, and shout out to the other newly weds, Steve Ford and Chris Baca! …not together… They have women.

PS. And I promise I’m working on getting a new camera so you can have something visual as well…

One thought on “An Informal Introduction to Intelli.LA Regulars

  1. I just had a moment right there…. I used to live two blocks away from Matt’s in powderhorn. I introduced at least ten people to juicy lucy. I cant wait for USBC 08.

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