Clovers 1 – Urn 0

Pictures will come soon, but I can’t help but to share the news… From day one, people have been asking what the giant mechanical box with steam pouring out the top was on our side bar… The triple urn. The question was continually asked when it would be used… and I would boldly declare, “Never!”

The entire plan was to have the urn for the day that we would be so busy that we could not keep up on our beloved Clovers…

Today, the urn was removed. In place, we have added a 2 group Synesso Cyncra. Not once was coffee from the urn sold in our store. So, we have added a new espresso machine with the hopes of stepping up the service for our back bar and ‘for here’ drinks. I’m not completely sure of how this will develop as it is still turning in the mind of Kyle Glanville…

Changes and improvements are coming and we are preparing to step it up a notch… be afraid.


5 thoughts on “Clovers 1 – Urn 0

  1. Sounds like a good move. You could put coffee flights on the menu and have a barista pull a couple s.o. shots and brew a few clovers as a sort of tasting menu. Thats a good idea, you should steal it (wink emoticon).

  2. I could see Kyle putting the urn in his apartment… or more likely the Intelli Bungalow… Somewhere where there’s enough people to drink 4 quarts of coffee within 15 minutes before the stuff goes bad…

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