I Just Spent Too Much Money.

Well, today I booked the final preparations for my trip to Portland and Seattle early next month. I’ll be flying up to Portland for a few days and then driving up to Seattle for the NW Regional, Millrock, and Coffeefest. I’ve set some rules for myself this trip. I’m sure I’ll make the rounds to every coffee bar worth being at while in Portland, but beyond that I’m attempting to stay away from coffee folk. I’ve become a horrible son and friend to many people whom I’ve known for a long time. Lately, when I have gone home, I’ve gotten lost in the coffee world of Stumptown and I forget my friends and family… Not this time.

With Coffeefest going, I will get plenty of time for throwdowns and what-not. It’s gonna be a blast. I’m hoping to pull the Chris Baca and borrow a camera somewhere along the way… Well, that’s all for now… In the mean time, Lilly Griffith has a message for all you out there…


2 thoughts on “I Just Spent Too Much Money.

  1. Any one else from LA going up for the mill rock? I’m heading out there on the 4th to check things out and volunteer at nwrbc. You wanna wear matching jackets?

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