My Coffee Analyzation of Vegas… Thus Far.

I’m in Vegas right now, January 1, 2008. This is the most un-stereotypical Vegas trip ever… I’m here, in a time share, with my girlfriend and her parents. This all to me is random at best. None the less, before the trip I was harassing Kyle Glanville as to whether I had any hope of finding good coffee here at all. His response was that this is grinder packin’ country… So, I have with me my grinder, chemex, hot water pot, and of course, a bag of our Colombia Tres Santos from the Cauca region. Delicious!

I’ve never been to Vegas before and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I’m not even really trying to figure out whether I understand it or not, but more so if I like it or not. I can understand what people are trying to do here, but I can’t figure out why they want to be here… If that makes sense. The biggest question is why isn’t there any good coffee. Just yesterday, I turned on the TV to find the news featuring a Starbucks… The images across the screen were simply terrifying. Now, I understand that many people here in Las Vegas are travelers who can appreciate a familiar cup of coffee… But think of the crowds that are drawn to high roller casinos. They’re the same crowds paying extreme prices for ‘quality’ cuisine.

In some ways, I can see someone like Jay Caragay doing very well in Vegas. Jay talks much of how much you can do with coffee, beyond just a brew. Food pairings, using it for cooking in new ways… I could see something like this striking a crowds fancy here. Oh, even a Jon Lewis style truck. Something that is mobile and can move to crowds and parties happening all over the place. Anyway, someone needs to do something, because if I had flown rather than drive, I’d be screwed…

Well, I’m here another couple days and I’m looking forward to taking more of this experience in. It’s interesting, and I know it’s one I won’t be having again for a good while. Happy New Year Everyone! I hope all of you out there slinging drinks find your tip jars over-running in 2008! May this industry see further development and further spreading of our coffee gospel! May Michaele Weissman’s book bring an elightened mindset to the general public in 2008! Cheers to all pushing for better coffee and better coffee economics!


One thought on “My Coffee Analyzation of Vegas… Thus Far.

  1. My single worst coffee experience ever was in Vegas at a Starbucks inside the Venitian. I was working a show, too, so I had no chance to return said trash to get my money back.

    Horrific coffee.

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