What Happens in Vegas…

Well, it’s 3:30 in the afternoon on Monday, and we’re waiting in our apartment for Nick Griffith. We’ve been waiting awhile and we really should get going. Vegas bound, kids…

Yesterday, finally yielded a signature beverage that is delicious. I’m excited to bring it to the table tomorrow. A total of six competitors have signed up for this event, including two from Barefoot, one from Groundwork, Devin Michael Pedde, myself, and the lone in-region competitor, Jason Calhoon from Tucson, AZ…. Possibly the new SWR Champion, himself.

Well, apparently Nick is here. Time to load. I’m not sure how smart blogging will be (It is Vegas after all), but I’ll let you know how this interesting event unfolds. Honestly, how much fun could this nonsense really be?


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