What Happens in Vegas… Pt. 2

Finding an internet connection has proven to not be an easy feat in this town. Today, however, I finally opted to pay for a day of wifi here in this crazy convention center.

We arrived Monday night just before 10:00. In other words, we were racing the clock to be at Whole Foods before they closed. Thank goodness, we made it. So, we grabbed some Strous milk, mint, and more and continued on our way to the mighty Excalibur, our homestead for the week. After some ironing action, we passed out after a long day of travel.

Yesterday was a good day. There are seven competitors total. Devin and I, two girls from Barefoot, a girl from Groundwork, and two in region competitors, both named Jason. Both in region dudes are cool and seem genuinely passionate about coffee. Neither has seen a competition before and it’s been fun seeing them go through this with minimal preparation. One of them roasts his own coffee and owns a small retail shop. The other plans to open a cafe in Tucson. Without coffee, he approached the PT’s booth to see if they could lend him a hand. They gave him some coffee and spent a good hour with him working on espresso and walking him through the process.

The Groundwork competitor is a girl who has taken over their training. Sorry for the lack of more precise names, but I’m wiped out and lack a list. Anyway, she is working on a documentary and has been filming everything. She conducted some interviews and has been very interesting to talk to.

The first day of competition was very loose. It was predetermined that we would all have a go on day one and that we would all go again on day two. The in region guys will be competing today for 1st and 2nd. It was so relaxed that we were all able to see our score sheets so we could improve upon things for today.

My run went relatively well. God knows it was a step up from my last competition. The espresso is tasting delicious and that’s the most important part. Oh, and I’m stoked about my drink. It’s very simple, but delicious. I am simply taking a couple chunks of fresh grapefruit and muddling it in a shaker with fresh mint. Then, I am pouring a brew of rose hips tea over that. Adding 4 espressos and topping off with ice… shaking and serving. It’s simple, refreshing, and delicious.

I faired pretty well over all. Devin did well too. We’ve taken some advice on what to do and we’ll see what happens today.

Last night was great too. We had a great meal with Marcus, Nick, Michelle, Phuong, and Brent. It was nice hanging out and just strolling through the casinos. Oh, but the show floor here is amazing. The show is made up of different parts, including hotels, bars & nightlife, food, and coffee & tea. There is an amazing amount of booze being handed out left and right. It’s maddening.

Well, we’re starting up day two. Devin is practicing. I’m last today. So, I’ve gotta chill through a few performances. It’s been fun and I’m glad we’re here…


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