Celebrations All Around

Everyone knows I have an opinion about everything. It’s true, but rarely do I get as excited as I did when I found out that Jon Lewis is the first ever Mountain Region Barista Champion. He’s a well deserving man for so many reasons. Congratulations, Jon!

Now, as many of you have probably read, Jon will not be able to make it to Minneapolis. Some how the celebration(s) will not be the same without this man.

In other celebratory news, Nick Griffith turned 28 this past week. His daughter, Lily will be 3 this week. Happy birthday to you both!

Finally, if you happen to get the chance, you need to have a cup of Intelligentsia’s new Rwanda Zirikana… This is the first year that this coffee comes to us officially Direct Trade. Mr. Geoff Watts has been pioneering this project for a bit, and this year, it’s official. The coffee deep in flavor, sits heavy on the palate, but remains elegant and sweet. Make sure to get your hands on this wonderful coffee before we sell out… Because this one won’t take long.


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