GLRBC and a Morrissey!

So much is happening as I sit here. The GLRBC is happening in Milwaukee. Sure wish I could be there to see the Chicago Barista Team do their thang… Best of luck to all from LA! Finalist should be announced not too long from now… fingers crossed. If you’ve seen the pictures, then you’ve seen the jackets… Good Lord! They look unified…

There’s only one thing that could console me, since I’m here and not there… and he landed yesterday. Mr. Flying Thud, himself, the one and only… the Great Stephen Morrissey, Ireland’s triple crown king, is here for stint… a stint that includes St. Patty’s! Hell yes… grab your whiskey drinkin’ shoes, it’s that time… This does complicate things a bit for me. Although some of you may not believe it, I was trying to hold tight rules on myself and not drink alcohol until after the coming Western Regional… well, fuck it! Stephen’s here…

Something also happened in the last week that is remarkable as well. Not to spew too many details of the secret work of K.C. O’Keefe, but something major occurred that will have us roasting coffee in Los Angeles sooner than later.

Well, the Western Regional is approaching. Hopefully, all who can, will stop by. There will be the legendary 4th machine… So far, it’s very regulated. I witnessed Kyle filling out the paper work so we can serve our coffee there… I wonder if Ken David’s has to give the final okay to each roaster before their coffee can be used… He will be giving a couple talks at the event! Well, back to the bar for me. Time to pull some shots…


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