2008 Western Regional

A post is long over due. Sorry for my inactivity over the weekend, however, a internet connection was hard to find… and even more so, was the time. It was a busy weekend and I’m sure most of you have heard the results. Major congratulations to Baca! If there’s anyone who deserves the Western Regional Championship, it’s him. He’s hard working and it rubs off on all those around him.

For me, this was my first official return to competition since the terrible happenings of the 2007 Midwest RBC. It’s good to move on. It was a true honor to be in the finals, head to head, with so many amazing baristas. The point spread was incredible. I haven’t seen Chris’s official score, but I’ve heard numbers somewhere between 790 and 800… Drew said 798. Incredible. Back in February, when Doug Zell and I were talking about some wagers and whatnot, I composed a list of the top 20 scores for the regional season… I think I’ll update and post on the end of this… Obviously, you have to take each score into context with the competition, however, it is interesting to see.

My parents flew down for the regional… Which made it all the better. Somehow, it’s coffee that keeps bringing my family together. I missed going home for any holidays, so the last time I saw them was November, right before coffee fest. I think it was good for them to see how these things operate, and hopefully it helped them to understand why I’m doing what I do.

The next big thing for me is to sit and wait to see whether I get to compete in Minneapolis. It’s indescribably frustrating to know that I was a finalist in this event and that I scored a 671… Yet, still may not be able to compete because I work for a company that contains so many other passionate people. There’s nothing I can do now, but wait… So, we’ll see.

Well, it’s back to the bar for me… So, I’m gonna run for now… Here’s that list. Take it for what it’s worth…

2007-2008 top 20 highest regional scores…

1. Chris Baca 798
2. Heather Perry 773
3. Kyle Glanville 758
4. Billy Wilson 752
5. Nick Griffith 714.5
6. Drew Cattlin 702.5
7. Lemuel Butler 695.5
8. Ben Helfen 683.5
9. Ryan Willbur 671
10. Pete Licata 670.5
11. Maki Campbell 666.5
12. Robin Seitz 664.5
13. Danielle Glasky 663
14. Katie Duris 656.5
15. Alex McCracken 655
16. Scott Lucey 647
17. Jon Lewis 637.50
18. Kevin Fuller 630
19. Shannon Hudgens 620.5
20. Devin Pedde 618

Keep in mind, the list lacks the NE Region. Also, I grabbed the highest score from either first round or finals… So, it’s the competitors highest score of the season.


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