Nothing to do with coffee.

Some of you who were at the Western this past weekend had the opportunity to meet my friend Dustin Lancaster… Dustin’s a good friend who’s new commercial is about to hit the airwaves… He’s also a bar tender at the place next to Intelli, Cafe Stella. Anyway, here’s the commercial in all it’s cheesy goodness… may it air many times and bring him much cash!

3 thoughts on “Nothing to do with coffee.

  1. That was good. In fact, I’m in need of some new shoes and think I might pick up a new pair of NB’s. I think I’ve put a ton of mileage on my shoes walking in 6ft circles at the bar.

  2. I knew Dustin in grade school/high school (in Oklahoma), and ever since that commercial started airing, I’ve been asking everyone I know who knew him: Isn’t that Dustin Lancaster?! It has been eating at my brain. I’ve scoured the internet, and this is the only site I’ve found to confirm that info. So, thanks. Dustin rules.

  3. I saw that commercial the other night in my hotel room in Victoria, BC. Both Meggan and I started laughing because we had seen it here first. Awesome.

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