Time To Become A Ghost.

Returning from a competition is always a good time to reevaluate goals and to try to re access what it is we are trying to do. Now, normally, this would stop at the cafe for me… What can I do to be a better barista? How can my skills improve? How can I operate better with my other baristas? This time, through some interesting occurrences, I’ve been asking myself deeper questions… I posed the question to myself, what if every one of my customers drank only espresso and brewed coffee? What if they were all perfect? Where would someone like me be?

See, I’ve begun to realize I am a radical. Sometimes of the worst kind… I’m more than often inconsiderate of what my customers want, and it’s because I want them to want what I want because I think it’s right… Follow that?  I feel like I’m the enlightened one and they need to know what I know, and the only way is if they drink what I want them to drink… Don’t worry, I’m beginning to remove my head from my ass as I type.

My logic and my reasoning keep spinning me in circles from selfish motives to earnest ones. I think, all things considered, one true motive remains… The best thing I can do is simply help my customers realize how hard it is to farm great coffee, and how the people who really do are heroes. It sounds much closer to the surface than it feels. However, as I read all these blogs and conversations floating around, I realize we are all very self-centered. We talk so much of our discoveries and accomplishments, that if feels like we forget to mention how amazing that coffee we had from Rwanda was…

Maybe part of it is the venue… Coffeed seems more and more to be the place for ego. It’s roaster vs. roaster, competitors methods vs. methods. Punk Rock vs. Punque Roque. Maybe it’s the season… We are gearing up for the final regional and the USBC, leaving much to be discussed about the individual.

None the less, I think that as time passes, I’m more and more impressed by the Kyle Larsons and Jon Lewis’ of the world. More often than not, may the coffee talk for the men, and the men forget themselves… It’s time for us to disappear. Time to become ghosts.


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