Minneapolis Warm-Up

We’re about a week away from the USBC. I’m gearing up and stoked. More than anything, I know where I was when I first competed in 2006. Now, 2 full seasons later, I’m ready to return to the USBC and apply all the things I’ve learned. Regardless of where I place in the end, I’m excited to celebrate and use all the knowledge I’ve gained in the last couple years. There’s nerves, but the bottom line (and the thing I keep reminding myself) is that when I stand in front of that crowd it will be time to not over-think. It’ll be time to do nothing, but represent my coffee the best that I can.

My coffee, by the way, is exciting. I’ll save the details for the event, but I’m really enjoying it as I get to know it. In the last month, I’ve hated espresso. It’s been rough trying to evaluate my shots on my bar shifts and to taste so many components, searching for something good. Now, as I sit and watch the aging of the roast… I am falling more and more for these coffees.

The coffee bar is going to miss Devin and I for 8 days. The staff is growing, but right now, if two baristas take off, it complicates life for a stint. We are, however, ready for a recharge. I’ve already got plans for when I get back and my schedule frees up… Assuming I don’t somehow over-come that which is the Glanville, or the Deferious, or Sather, or Bill Wil, or the one they call Baca… Of course, there’s THE Pete… and his neighbor, Alex McCracken… Yeah, this is going to be tough… When I return, I’m stoked to dive further into the study of siphon brewing… and to get back to cupping. Maybe even working with some of our staff and helping them with skills their struggling to obtain. I’m sure I’ll have a ton of things to dive into after being inspired by the ones who inspire… Like Lucey & Tiesel, Sarah Allen, M’lissa & Chris, and more!

I’m really stoked for this SCAA & USBC. There’s only one other place in this country that I’d be more excited to compete in… and it’s on the list for next year. We leave for Minneapolis on April 30, 2008. I left Minneapolis April 30, 2007. 365 days later I will be returning for the first time. It’s not only time to compete, but time to celebrate. It’s been a good year. I’ll see you all soon.


4 thoughts on “Minneapolis Warm-Up

  1. “The coffee bar is going to miss Devin and I for 8 days.”

    i guess we’ll finally be able to get a decent cup of coffee! 🙂 good luck out there!

  2. good luck preparing ryan…looking forward to seeing what you’re cooking up. see you next week!

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