The Eve of Something Grand.

Wares are shipped. Coffee is packed. Now, we just have to figure out where it’s all going when we get to the aiport. We’re tight on space. I’m stoked for this adventure. Devin and I managed to get today off to completely focus on packing and preparing for the trip. Tomorrow, we are running to Target to get a 4th suitcase for all our coffee. We’d prefer not to have to put any coffee in the cargo hold of the plane, but it seems inevitable at this point. We’ll cross our fingers I guess. We arrive around 9:30 tomorrow night. The plan is to inventory and try to hit the stores before the noon competitors meeting on Thursday, so we can grab and replace anything that may have broken.

Somewhere shortly after the Western, someone decided to clean out the training lab, and they tossed my water glasses and some of Kyle’s stuff. He’s set to rock, but I figured there was no point in buying new water glasses, only to ship them across the US… so, that’s my agenda.

I’m excited to just get my wares into the space and unpack. That’ll be the first big burden off my chest. From there, the rest of the weekend is gravy. We’ve got some hottness coming for the Intelli booth that I think everyone will enjoy. Most of all, I’m stoked to see and taste what everyone else is bringing to the show.

I’m really stoked for Thursday night where I’ll be putting off pre-comp jitters, enjoying coffee at Kopplin’s, and devouring a Juicy Lucy. Beer won’t come for me until after round 1. I can’t express how difficult this will be for me in a place that runs rampant with good brew. Los Angeles does not. Effe. See you all soon!


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