Minneapolis (Travel Day & Early Morning)

I’m in our hotel room in Minneapolis. To say our travels were complicated would be an understatement. From my car falling apart… To missing our flight by 60 seconds. Then the plane they put us on was delayed a few hours. All in all, we landed in Minneapolis at 2:25 this morning. After inventorying and checking out all our wares, I finally hit the hay around 4:25. Woke up promptly at 8:00, as today is not a day for killing time…

Well, it’s off to replace some stuff and then off to the event and practice time!


2 thoughts on “Minneapolis (Travel Day & Early Morning)

  1. fuk dood. If its any consolation, after dropping you guys at the airport, I missed my exit off the 105 and ended up lost in Compton looking for a gas station to replenish my empty tank. Got refueled at a place that offered only one grade of gas (not that I ever get high octane, but y’know) in just enough time to get stuck in rush hour traffic.

  2. no pressure or anything, but if the 4 of you don’t make the finals, there’ll be a big “S” on the door when you get back. i’m expecting results, not excuses!

    good luck!

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