Vacpots, Single Origins, and Observances.

I’m sitting here, smelling, what hopes to be, one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had in awhile. I’ve borrowed the Yama TCA-3 from our training lab, as I’m getting to know the brew method better. I wanted to pull this thing out of the lab, away from our Guatemala grinder, temperature probes, and endless supply of fresh coffee. I wanted to bring it home to where my customers make coffee. The home kitchen. I also made sure to grab the Solis Maestro on the way out the door too… so, I have somewhat of an advantage. I don’t have too many results to post yet, but I’ve tried some new things today, thanks to Mark Prince’s article on coffee geek.

The coffee today is the infamous Finca Matalapa that has been floating online ever since Kyle took the USBC. So far, it smells sweet and floral… just how I like it. This brew is gentle. Not heavy, and I like my coffee best that way.

With Kyle’s win and the new Black Cat Project underway, we’ve finally taken a much needed step at our Silverlake coffee bar. We just added a new grinder so that we can now offer a second espresso. This week, it’s our Bolivia Anjilanka. It came to us entirely too fresh… As in, it was forgotten on the day it was supposed to be roasted, but they squeezed it in the morning it was to be delivered. I, who was not working when it arrived, was apparently the only one who heard that it was being roasted that morning. So, the bags were immediately rushed to the bar to be thrown into a hopper… Zing! For those customers who wish we roasted on site… This espresso is for you!

Although the espresso was rough the first couple of days, this minor incident comes to us as a result of some great things happening in the bigger picture. Our guys at the roasting works have been working very hard, as their workload has doubled in the last week. This means more fresh coffee from Los Angeles to more of our customers on the west side of the country. Signals may have gotten switched at the coffee bar, but the bigger thing is way more exciting.

…By the way, with some cooling, this cup of coffee is getting VERY sweet.

I’ve been in Los Angeles for more than a year now. I think I’m finally able to make some proper assessments to the area. I like Los Angeles. It’s a busy, fast moving place. There’s always something to do, which leads to there always being something to distract you from things you should be doing. The first thing I’ve noticed is that no one stays in Los Angeles. You don’t raise kids here, and you most certainly don’t settle down here… The people that do are crazy and you should probably not get too involved with them. I say this because it leads me to my next point.

We don’t have regulars. Not like most cafes do. No, what we see are people who come everyday and then disappear for four months. Then they stop in twice over a weekend, and it’s three weeks before they come in again. Los Angeles is strange, and the waves of people we see says it all. In other places I’ve worked you could time your day out pretty well by who you were serving and when… Here, we have somewhat of a similar pattern, but it changes every 3 months.

Well, I’m going to go enjoy the rest of this vacpot. Delicious. Hope all of you have recovered from SCAA and all the happenings surrounding it… Now go enjoy some smack talk on Coffeed! …Just kidding…