To Santa Cruz and Beyond…

Shortly after the SCAA and USBC, it became apparent to some of us that seeing each other once in a while at a trade show really wasn’t all that great. Brent Fortune had a great idea… let’s get a bunch of rad west coast baristas and escape our bars. So, Devin and I did. We met Brent, Chris Baca, and Drew Cattlin at a little camping ground called Costanoa… America’s first luxury campground. Jared Truby and the Verve crew were more than welcoming to us. There are some seriously rad baristas chillin around that shop… and everything I had, be it americano, espresso, machiatto, or french press… was off the chain!

Anyway, after a nice break from the bar, the competitions, and all the other stress of working in coffee. We got back to basics and what really makes a good cup of coffee… the coffee itself, and fire. Yes, fire… Here’s the proof.