An Intermission.

With so much drama running rampant, I’m wondering if anyone has remembered to sell any coffee lately… I’m not going to bother linking any of the Murky coffee articles that are floating around. The really need no more attention. From Intelly dropping the 20 oz. (which also needs no more attention) to outraged customer experiences, for some reason, people are some how talking about coffee bars and their culture. Problem is, no one seems to be able to turn much of this and talk about coffee.

Now, lately, our coffee bar has been slow. And as far as I can remember, this mid-summer time of year is always slow. So, I’m wondering if it’s the time people have on their hands that leads them to such ridiculous happenings. Regardless, it’s time for me to take a break. Monica and I will be driving up the coast starting tomorrow. We plan to hit Santa Cruz tomorrow, the Redwoods Monday, and arrive in Portland Tuesday. We’ll be hanging out such for a good week before stopping in San Francisco on the way back. We’re even thinking of heading up the Columbia River Gorge a bit to do a easy night of camping. Any of you Portland folk who might be interested should shoot me a message… For the rest of you, I hope to update my flickr throughout. Should be awesome, epic, and relaxing.

See you soon.


Breaking Silence to Celebrate.

I think we can all agree that life comes and goes in chapters, and I think the one I’ve been in right now is one filled with a lot of personal growth and learning. Thus said, I’ve been fairly quiet as I’ve been digging in, working my shifts, and thinking a lot. That, however, does not mean I haven’t been writing. In fact, if you go here,  you can see a recently published piece I’ve written for a local magazine called the New Angeles Monthly. Look for the piece called, “In The Drink.”

On to something far more admirable, there is something very epic that has me writing. Many of you, by now, have read this. In Los Angeles, we’ve only made up to 12 ounce drinks from the very beginning. But that’s just it… It’s simple for any company to open a new store more than a thousand miles away and do things differently. Occasionally, we get travelers who grumble a bit about how we don’t have something they order in Chicago, but it’s seldom.

For Intelligentsia to remove the 20 ounce drinks from the Chicago menu, it changes something that has been in motion for 13 years. It’s a huge step for us in the direction of quality and the fight to hold higher standards in coffee. I feel comfortable saying that this is our retail equivalent of our green buyings In Season. It is a bold and smart move, that we can all agree is a great thing.

I’m definitely not aware of everything that is being planned within Intelligentsia. However, I believe everyone can wait and watch as more and more things like this happen. I think the Black Cat Project is going to be amazing. I’m stoked for more developments as the wild mind of Kyle Glanville turns. Who knows what kind of chapter we’ll find ourselves in next…