An Intermission.

With so much drama running rampant, I’m wondering if anyone has remembered to sell any coffee lately… I’m not going to bother linking any of the Murky coffee articles that are floating around. The really need no more attention. From Intelly dropping the 20 oz. (which also needs no more attention) to outraged customer experiences, for some reason, people are some how talking about coffee bars and their culture. Problem is, no one seems to be able to turn much of this and talk about coffee.

Now, lately, our coffee bar has been slow. And as far as I can remember, this mid-summer time of year is always slow. So, I’m wondering if it’s the time people have on their hands that leads them to such ridiculous happenings. Regardless, it’s time for me to take a break. Monica and I will be driving up the coast starting tomorrow. We plan to hit Santa Cruz tomorrow, the Redwoods Monday, and arrive in Portland Tuesday. We’ll be hanging out such for a good week before stopping in San Francisco on the way back. We’re even thinking of heading up the Columbia River Gorge a bit to do a easy night of camping. Any of you Portland folk who might be interested should shoot me a message… For the rest of you, I hope to update my flickr throughout. Should be awesome, epic, and relaxing.

See you soon.


2 thoughts on “An Intermission.

  1. Funny you should mention all the coffee news floating around lately. I got my issue of Wired in the mail this week and there’s a big spread on the Clover buyout from a few months back.

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