Happy Birthday Silverlake.

Flickr photos seem to be coming from all sorts of different sources. By now, many of you have seen the evidence of our 1st Anniversary party at the Silverlake store. It was a rad night, and I’m still trying to figure out if there is any way it could have been better.

The night opened quietly with our own production man, Nate Waters, AKA N8000, spinning records on the patio. Man, did he bring the pain or what!?! It was off the hizzy for shizzy. I was hoping more dancing would ensue, but I don’t think there was even enough room.

Wine was provided by our very rad friends at Silverlake Wine. We had a white and a red… The red was from Argentina, and I’d tell you more about it, but I consumed too much to notice. Initially, a friend of mine had supplied me with a couple bottle of Milagro Silver Tequila, but Ty (our manager) was a little worried about it getting out of hand, so I left it at home. Thank god Doug was there to bring some random Brazilian liquor for us to all do straight shots of instead. At least I was working on a mixed drink involving our iced coffee…

We had mucho cheese hanging out all over the bar thanks to the amazing friends we have next door at the Cheese Store of Silverlake. They hooked it up and brought over platters that would make Steve Urkel cry.

What’s an Intelli party without some sort of steamed milk shenanigans? Nothing. So, we had to throw down. We had a $10 buy in and I’m sad to say I had to watch my $10 go… We selected 3 judges who are familiar with art. So big thanks also to Marshall, Mike from Franke, and Tonx for giving us your aesthetic opinions. The three chose Mamma Deanna Mustard, Nick “I hate everything” Griffith, and Kyle “I’m 8th in the World, Bitches!” Glanville for our 3 finalists. Really, you’ll have to peep the video to see who took home the gold. Christopher, one of our newest employees, rocked in some very old school prizes for the competition. Apparently, he had been storing some original Star Wars action figures for future ebay-ing… An idea he gave up for the party.

The night ended well, just in time for me to pass out. Thanks to the Sunset Junction Festival over the weekend, we didn’t have to open until 9:30. Otherwise, I would have been scared for those who came in for coffee. It’s been a good year, and I’m stoked to see where we go in the next.

Deanna Mustard & Prize
Deanna Mustard & Prize


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