Men. Man-Up.

Apparently, my attempts in July to renew my domain and URL failed. Oh well. It’s just about as bad as the fact that someone already registered… I really am curious as to what Julie Hursh has planned with it. Anyway, This may leada  to a redoing of the blog. We’ll see. Anywho, enjoy you douches in Indonesia!

What really has been boggling my mind lately is not domain name data and the like. I just have one simple question, when are the men in the Silverlake/Echo Park neighborhood of LA going to ‘man-up’? What I’m noticing is not even something neighborhood specific, but moreover something I’ve seen in many coffee bars. I’m talking about when the burly looking dude sporting a hard hat walks in and orders a single, sixteen ounce, nonfat, no foam, sugarfree creme de menthe, and sugar free white mocha. Yesterday, in my line I had three dudes, in my que was three mochas (two nonfat). Then, some big athletic dude who looked like he could easily kick my ass walked in… and then asked if we had any blended drinks.

Interesting is the contrast of all the beautiful, 30-something women who come in seeking a cappuccino or a machiatto. I’m amazed at the number of women looking for espressos and asking about what kind of coffees were serving on our Clover that day. Now, either they are catching onto what it takes to get attention from Devin Pedde, or maybe all these women are secretly super tasters and their palates are sensitive to sugary, milky drinks.

Regardless, I can’t help but wonder how such orders would sound to a woman. She sees some attractive looking dude who appears to have an idea of what is going on in the world. He gives off an air of dignity and professionalism… and then he orders a drink similar to what I would hear when I was serving the soccer moms of the suburbs.

So to all the men who enter our store in Silverlake, the next time you are thinking about hitting on the fairly attractive screen-play writer who is in line behind you, think twice before ordering that latte and asking for half the espresso and non fat milk.


4 thoughts on “Men. Man-Up.

  1. I was just wondering this myself the other day. I have a group of three customers that come in every day. One guy always gets picked on because he gets an herbal tea- a “girly drink”. One particular day it was the King Crimson iced tea. The guy that makes fun of him gets a decaf 20oz skim, 2! shots of caramel… “latte”… over ice. I’m sad to say that’s still an option at our shop. 😦

    MAN the hell up guys. People in Pittsburgh pride themselves on eating sandwiches you can barely fit in your mouth with french fries and cole slaw, having a heart attack at the table, and they’re drinking effing skim sugar free bullcrap.

    I needed to vent.

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