Los Angeles is not an easy place to open a coffee bar. Our sneeze guards, letter sign holding our “A” health rating, the giant transformer that we waited 3 months to have installed, and the parking situation around our store in Silverlake are all fine examples of the challenges that we face.

However, over the last three or four weeks, I’ve been constantly aware of the what is possibly the biggest day-to-day challenge we deal with. Water. Hollywood isn’t all that seems fake and imported about this city… No, it goes beyond to the giant imported Palm Trees, the forced greenery… and, oh yes… man-kind residing in what nature intended to be a desert. Water in Los Angeles is piped in from any one of several other states. Somedays it’s Colorado, others its Nevada. Either way, it changes a lot.

We have a delightful Cirqua system… and our tech, Nick Barnette, checks the water almost everyday. However, the balance is not easily kept. Sometimes nothing is more frustrating than when shots are looking gorgeous, running exactly how you want them to, but still they taste and smell gnarly. It also makes more sense as to why Los Angeles has no great beer brewery… The fundamental element for these things is hard to come by.

I write this because it’s interesting to me, to think about the things I never realized going into this. The lessons I never expected to learn. I wonder now what the water at my previous cafes was really like? Good? Bad? Hard? Soft? Well, back to the bar for me… By the way, the water is great today… So is the coffee. I’m happy.


2 thoughts on “H2O

  1. Thank you for this post. One of the things I have loved most over the years of making and learning about coffee is how little it allows us to take it for granted. There are simply too many factors involved in the process to ever let us off our toes for a minute–water was one of the most unexpected of those factors for me.

    Good luck with it; I hope you & your H2O can reach some kind of compromise.

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