Comin’ & Goin’

Yesterday the weather was somewhere around 75 degrees… I spent my day shoveling ice. This morning, the drive to work was 58 degrees and breezy. It feels good to have a chill. Actually, it makes me miss Minneapolis (just a stint). See, last year, fall and winter were different. Being my first in Los Angeles, I was optimistic… knowing little of how and when the weather would change.

This year will be different. We’ve experienced 90 degree heat up until recently… and it could come back. It makes you appreciate the chilled days… when people actually wear coats (which, these sensitive SoCal folk are easlily provoked to doing). I think the espresso tastes sweeter. The coffees dance more vivaciously across your palate… and the most bitter of customers is even more excited to get that extra shot, extra hot latte.

More warm reminiscent feelings come thanks to our newest hire… Ashley Rauche. Many of you know Ashley as the girl who was cutting everyone’s hair in Minneapolis. Ashley started at my first cafe, Lava Java, briefly before I moved to the midwest… She’s a warm and welcoming asset to our crew.

On the opposite end of things… Today is a sad day for Choke. We’re seeing the end of an era, as Jules Manoogian will soon be busting out to Brooklyn to join forces with D-Train Sorenson and his crew. With someone like Jules, Stumptown is going to be really rocking palates all over NY. LA is sad to see her go, but she’s stoked and I am for her. Word on the streetlevel (Verve reference, what!?!), is that upon her jetting, Choke will be pulling the E61 from the bar and ending its in house espresso service. Wack! We’ll see what comes of this legendary establishment.

Well, breaks over. Back to the bar… The coffee bar where we’re finally selling table-top Yama Vacpots… We’re selling them with butane burners for $90 (TCA-3) and $100 (TCA-5)… Get em’ while they’re hot!


2 thoughts on “Comin’ & Goin’

  1. Hey Ryan! The weather’s certainly changing up here. Funny how I’ve got 2 jackets with me right now. My morning jacket (band reference, what?!) is just too warm to ride in the daylight, but the daylight isn’t quite warm enough to ride without a jacket, so I pack a lighter one. Say hi to Ashley and Monica, for me. See you later.

  2. Just like you I wish the weather would even out a bit more in LA. I miss actually having seasons. 90+ degrees at the end of October just isn’t right. Sad to hear about Choke probably ending espresso service.

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