A Weird Reality.

I hate to run the risk of sounding like this guy, but I think I hit an interesting reality that I’m almost ashamed of…
I am not in love with coffees from Yirgacheffe. It’s been awhile since I’ve had coffee from anywhere else in Ethiopia. Frankly, I’m tired of the typical Yirggy profile. I feel weird saying this… Like, how can I not like coffee from the birthplace of coffee.

This all came to me yesterday when we were holding one of our three weekly staff cuppings. There were only 4 coffees, but each was showing well. The Kenya Ndaroini that was present was amazing… Each day it seems I learn something more phenominal about this coffee. Our two centrals (from Nicaragua and El Salvador) showed very well. Even the Yirg showed well… but I think that was it. It tasted good. As is so easy for a Yirgacheffe to do.

I’m also wondering if I would feel this way if I had been tasting the same coffee as espresso and not brewed. None the less, I feel as though I’m breaking some sort of sacred coffee code by saying this.

On the flip side, I hope between this post and the last, that no one gets the wrong idea. Though you can file these under weird rants or statements of negativity, things are going quite well. Really, well in the way where I’ve kept quiet because things are going so well.

I excited for the next week. WBC judges training will be going on in Long Beach. This means some of these judges-to-be will be trolling up to Los Angeles to come drink coffee at our coffee bar… A clientel I am very okay with serving. It’ll be both fun and interesting to see who comes in.

Well, off to work!


To fat, or non fat?

I’m not a fan of serving half-hearted (no pun intended) latte art. That said, I am constantly frustrated by the idea of pouring straight non-fat milk lattes. Maybe it’s our non-fat, but I feel like it’s possibly the most challenging thing I’ve ever encountered in my experience with latte art. Worse, is the idea of serving a non-fat cappuccino. Of course, barista snobbery is not appreciated either. I’m wondering how many people actually care to use non-fat.