To fat, or non fat?

I’m not a fan of serving half-hearted (no pun intended) latte art. That said, I am constantly frustrated by the idea of pouring straight non-fat milk lattes. Maybe it’s our non-fat, but I feel like it’s possibly the most challenging thing I’ve ever encountered in my experience with latte art. Worse, is the idea of serving a non-fat cappuccino. Of course, barista snobbery is not appreciated either. I’m wondering how many people actually care to use non-fat.


6 thoughts on “To fat, or non fat?

  1. IMO, if you have it, serve it, and make the best possible drink you can with it.

    If it were up to me though, I wouldn’t allow skim milk anywhere near my shop. Last time I checked, milk isn’t blue.

    And it’s not snobbery if it’s actually better.

  2. Here’s my other: I found a dairy that adds additional milk solids back into the non-fat. As long as you keep it about 10 degrees cooler than the whole milk, it is almost identical to pour. Of course, it is touchy if you are even slightly heavy-handed with the steam.

  3. (raises hand for “other”)

    We switched to a higher pressure, lower volume steam nozzle on the synessos and that has helped quite a bit. Also, you have to pour that non-fat skinny shit super fast before it separates!

    Some of my best (looking) drinks have been skim. It still tastes like water to me, though.

    Think that’s crazy? We have a couple of customers that really wanted lactose free milk, so we have some in the fridge. Try pouring a nice rosetta with THAT and then tell me about challenges! It’s ridiculous.

  4. As a customer, I’ve limited my ordering of milk-involved coffee drinks to a minimum because it just doesn’t taste(or look) as good with anything but whole milk. Of course, this only applies to cafes that make worthwhile drinks to begin with-like Intelli.

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