A Competitive Spirit Pt. 2

It should be noted that I just received an email from Greg apologizing and explaining that he meant no disrespect. In no way am I holding anything against Greg. I am looking forward to meeting him, and I sincerely want to congratualte him for his victory as a result of hard work.

As I told Greg, my post was not to be aimed completely at him, but he set a nice stage for me to plead my case. We did not get where we are, as baristas or competitors, by simply having it handed to us. All three of us have worked to be what we are today, and for that we are proud.


2 thoughts on “A Competitive Spirit Pt. 2

  1. by judging from his post at the bottom of that Denver interview it seems like the journalist who wrote it didn’t fair so hot. that interview needs reworking for sure.

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