United States Top 10 Regional Scores

With half the regionals over… and the 6th to be completed tomorrow, I figured it’s time to start posting a top-10 list. These are the 10 highest scores, thus far, available on the SCAA website. It’d be rad if someone could send me the scores for the Mountain Region… Also, keep in mind that this lacks both the Great Lakes and Midwest Regions… Not to mention the entire Eastcoast. Anyway, here we stand…

1. Nick Griffith- 682.5

2. Devin Pedde- 677

3. Ryan Willbur- 668.5

4. Renee Teichen- 638

5. Clancy Rose- 607.5

6. Jared Truby- 605

7. Sara Peterson- 600.5

8. Alex Pond- 595

9. Kristina Marryman- 588.5

10. Kevin Fuller- 588


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