2010 Season Opener (of sorts)

Barista competitions. A safe topic. This Friday, I will be competing in my first ever ‘in house’ barista competition. The company I work for is lucky to have enough people interested in becoming competitive baristas that for anyone to compete the road starts here. Interested competitors throw their hats in the ring. The rules mostly remain the same as the World Championships. The difference is that competitors have 8 minutes to serve an espresso course and a cappuccino course. The setup time is also cut to 8 minutes.

The top five competitors will be backed by the company, as they prepare and compete for the Western Regional Barista Competition. Any of those five who place first, second, or third in the regional, will then continue to be sponsored into the United States Competition.

I’ve been hesitant to compete this year. I felt so great after last year… Accomplished and happy. But I feel I can get better still. It’s taken some time to get truly excited for the season, but I’m feeling better about it as the first step gets closer.


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