Signs of Success

I’m very much enjoying the conversation going on here. I have thoughts, arguments, and all kinds of ideas going through my head. Most of which have been stated in one way or another on the linked page.

The first time I heard about Double Shot, it was when they were in the middle of the fight to keep their name. They stood up against Starbucks and won. I was stoked to see an independent shop stand up and be heard.

The next time I heard about Double Shot was a the USBC in Portland last year. Someone pointed out that I needed to take a picture of the guy wearing an “I’m not Intelligentsia enough to win” t-shirt. I found this to be very funny…

I hate a lot of things… I hate the Yankees. I tend to hate the Lakers (My ice cold feelings are slowly melting away). Something about Michael Phelps rubs me the wrong way. I’m really not a fan of Starbucks…. Well, the Yankees are unstoppable. The Lakers are pretty spectacular to watch. Michael Phelps mortality is questionable… and at the end of the day, Starbucks employees are going home with steady paychecks.

I don’t hate Double Shot.


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