Sometime in early 2007, I was enjoying a day off in my apartment in Minneapolis. Back then, I spent my early week roasting coffee, and the later part of my week was spent serving coffee.

The day off was just what was necessary for some solid decompression. My ambition was simple. I just wanted to stay away from my places of work.

However, I love coffee and I wanted to enjoy some delicious coffee. So, I grabbed some wonderfully roasted coffee from Ethiopia. My home setup was minimal; just a couple of french presses and a cheap burr grinder.

I ground my coffee, scooped it out, poured my water on top. Let the thing brew for 4 minutes, plunged, and poured. The coffee… Absolutely atrocious.

I’d been making coffee ‘professionally’ for about a year and a half. I was confident and comfortable with an espresso grinder and an espresso machine, but all my brewed coffee experience involved a Clover or a Fetco. The experience of trying to make coffee myself, away from a bar, was humbling. I had even roasted the coffee I was trying to brew… and yet I knew nothing of manual brewing.

It was such a bad experience that I will never forget the terrible flavor of the brew. It was that day off that purposed me to want to learn how to make coffee well at home. It was that day off that made me want to be able to teach many people to make great coffee on their own.


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