Too Far?

I swung by the Stumptown Annex today to pick up a fresh top burr for my Baratza Virtuoso. I’m a big fan of the Baratza grinder line because of how easily swapped parts can be. Also, the company itself seems to be kinda killer with supporting their products. It’s pretty epic compared to how many other home brewing equipment manufacturers handle their gear.

Anyway, the new burr has been epic. Something must have damaged my grinder in the move. Before the swap I was having to grind everything on the finest setting possible, and I was still getting larger particles of coffee. I kept putting off the replacement knowing I can easily get coffee while working. However, coffee is never better than on a day off when at home… and yesterday, with some snow falling from the sky, I really wanted nothing more than to enjoy some killer coffee in my own home.

Where I really realized I needed to replace the burrs was when I had a dream in which my cup and grind didn’t work out… Yes, I was dreaming about making coffee in my kitchen. When the brew tasted atrocious, I dumped the coffee bed onto the counter. Sifting through, I found whole beans at the bottom of the filter. Apparently, I think about this stuff a little too much.