So, this weekend..

This is part of the first signature beverage I ever made. It was baked for about an hour to create a syrup. The idea behind the flavors wasn’t bad, but the build of the drink made it pretty terrible. I should probably apologize to some of the judges that had to endure…

This is me at that first competition… USBC 2006 in Charlotte, NC. I was 20 years old. The game was very different. The experience hooked me on the industry. I had my first shot of whiskey in the back room before the competition, I experienced many different coffees, and met many folks whom I consider to be great friends.

This girl could win the US NWRBC this weekend… and I would be totally okay with that. As someone who’s done a ton of coaching, it would be a success for me to see her take home the title. She’s also worked harder than I have.


These are two very rad dudes. One I just met recently. The other I’ve known for a long time. Both have been great with feedback and support.

This is Francisco Javier. If you don’t know him, you’re missing out. He produces coffee, roasts coffee, and loves to tell people about coffee. He’s roasted my coffee for the competition this weekend, and he is the only person who may be more excited about it than I am. I cannot thank this guy enough.

In March, he’ll be returning to Nicaragua to continue work on his family’s farm, Finca La Amistad. I will miss him dearly.



3 thoughts on “So, this weekend..

  1. Can you tell me more about baking those apples to make a syrup? A very intriguing idea which could be useful.

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