Any Other Industry…

Can you name one where the wholesaler is continually undersold by the reseller?

I’m constantly learning in my new role. Thinking about things other than serving as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. I’m seeing other angles of this business. Rising commodity prices, our current economy, and other factors have me continually talking to folks about the appropriate price for a cup of coffee.

Portland coffee drinkers have been ridiculously spoiled for far too long… and that’s a whole different subject. However, I can’t think of many other industries where the product costs the most from the source. An espresso at Stumptown costs $2.25. 95% of our wholesale customers charge the same or less… and are fearful to charge more. The same applies to our bags of coffee available all over the city.
I paid $1.50 for a double americano yesterday.

In what other industry do the resellers charge less, when paying wholesale prices, than the the actual source of the product charges. It’s not just Portland… I’ve seen it all over. Why does this trend exist and how have we let it continue this way for so long?